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Setting Catergories

There are 4 main categories in this program:
Within each category there are a variety of subcategories. You may add, modify or delete sub-categories at will.
Click on the images for full size visuals.

The column on the left is where you create the types of items.

For example, we have 7 types of driveways. To add another, click on the New Record line and insert the type of item.

The UP and DOWN arrows in the middle of the screen offer you a way of changing the order in which you see your sub-categories. For example, if you wanted to see Gates after Fences, choose Gates, then click on the DOWN arrow 3 times.

If you do not want to see a sub-category, Discontinue it.



Notice the + beside each sub-category, this is were the comments are held.

Click on the + to open the list. Add, modify or delete any comment.

Double clicking on the Description will open an translation window allowing for immediate entry.

It should be noted that the window will open to the translation website you set in the "My Business" section of the program. 


For example purposes, we used the google translate website.  If you have already typed the comment, just copy and paste the data into the Google Translate input field.

Once the comment is translated, use the google copy button (circled in the image) then paste the information into the French field.  You can modify the dialog to your own liking.











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