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Allow us to introduce T.H.I.S. , a complete reporting tool for your business. Yes, this is a bold statement, but the proof is in the experience. There are many databases available on the market today; the difference between them and us is enormous. We designed T.H.I.S. to create Home Inspections reports with ease, no additional software is necessary.  Data can easily be imported and exported to spreadsheet and word processing programs. 

The added bonus of this program is that it is bilingual (English & French).  When we say bilingual, we mean that the program can be run in either language and reports can be produced in both languages.  The customer's preferred language is set in the customer screen and the report will be produced in that language, regardless of which language the inspector uses to create the document.  Future plans are to add languages as they are requested.

Finally, it is
easy to use and affordable.

Who should use it?

Any inspector that wants an easy to run
reporting tool.

What are the advantages?

An enormous saving of the time you currently require to
create your reports.

Where is the data stored?

All information is stored on your company server (on site). No special hardware is required.

When do you implement?

The best time would be as soon as possible.

Why is it your best solution?

Simple, it makes
creating reports effortless. 

How does it do this?

The program has dissected every process involved with your business. There are access points in every screen that al
lows for quick verification of information or enhancement to descriptions.


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