Computer Basics


A favorite or bookmark is exactly what it implies, a place you like and want to visit on a regular basis.   Hopefully, you will consider our site as one of your favorite places to visit.

  • Favorite (Internet Explorer) 
  • Bookmark (Netscape). 
  • Favorite (AOL - represented by a heart)
  •  In your browser, take a look near the top of your screen, find the appropriate word/symbol 

    Internet Explorer



    Either, a window will open on the left of your screen, or, a list will drop down.  You should see the word "ADD".   Click on it.   
    Next, the Add Favorite dialog box will open.  You can choose to:

    make the page available offline.  
    If this option is chosen, it will take a few extra seconds for the operation to complete as everything that you see will be downloaded into a separate folder on your computer.
    the change the name of the page
    Because of internet rules, pages often have unusual names.  You might want to change it into something that makes more sense to you.
    create in
    The link will automatically want to be filed at the bottom of the main favorites list.  This features allows you to file the link under a different category.  
    For instance, you might want to create a category for yourself, where you keep your favorite places.  If that were the case, choose the New Folder button.  Another dialog box will open, type in your name and choose OK  You will be return to the Add Favorites dialog box with your name selected.

    Finally, choose the OK button.

    To use it, return to favorites/bookmarks button and choose our site's address: 
    ER Computer Services Home



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