Computer Basics

Printing from a web site

Web site pages are usually easy to print, but can be a little confusing.  The first problem is that you never know how many paper pages it will take.  

The only indication you have is the size of the location box in the scroll bar.  The smaller the box, the more information there is to print.  So, if you see a miniscule box, we would suggest you get a new package of paper.  LOL

The Scroll bar on the 
left indicates there is very 
little space used on the 
page.  This would be a 
quick print job, usually 1 page.

The Scroll bar on the right
indicates there is a lot of dialog 
going on.  It is very difficult 
to judge how many pages 
will print.

As many web sites have incorporated frames, (areas of your screen that are split into different parts, as with our site) you will need to remember 2 things.

The Print button on the toolbar will use the default print settings (usually set to, Only the Selected Frame).  A good portion of the time, you will end up with a blank sheet of paper.

If you want to print a specific frame, such as this one,  point to any part of the frame, first, and single click.  Then click on the  button.

If you do would to print the entire page (which would include the navigation bars), use the Print feature found under the File menu option.

When the dialog box opens, look at the Print frames portion of the box, point and click at the radio button beside the option As laid out on screen and then click on the OK button located at the bottom of the dialog box.


Yes, you could print up this entire site, however, it has not been laid out for print and you may end up with some pretty funny looking pages. 

We would recommend you get a lot of paper and a few ink cartridges. 

An alternative would be to purchase a set of our course notes.  They are written in the same mood and contain a great deal more. 

If you would be interested in purchasing a set, please email us and let us know what subject you would be interested in. 





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