Computer Basics

Sending URL addresses to your friends



When you find something that you feel could be useful to someone you know (like our site LOL Laughing Out Loud), you can easily send it on to them using the following procedure.

The example is using the Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express 5.0 as a reference.  Other programs will have similar features available under the File menu option.  Should you run into problems, please let us know.  We would be happy to help you.

OK, let's do it...
Needless to say, we begin in the Internet Explorer.  You have found this marvelous site and you can think of 3 people that could use the help.  So what are you waiting for, let's send them the address.  The following method is concluding that your computer has been setup properly.  If this doesn't work, try this alternate method


From the File menu option, choose Send, Choose Link by E-mail.

Once chosen, a new mail message will open, showing the URL to our page.  Again, this mail message should be from the program you regularly use for email,  If it isn't, cancel the procedure and use the alternate method.
REMEMBER:  The mail message that opens should be from your default email program (the one you regularly use), if another program opens that you don't recognize, the message will most probably be sent into oblivion.  Cancel this procedure and use the alternate method
  • Click on the To button, this will cause your address book to open. 
  • Double click on each person you want to send this site to, 
  • or Single click on the name and then the To button.
    or Hold the  key down and single click on each recipient.
    When finished click on the To button then the OK button

    The address book will close and your message will re-appear, supposedly with the names you had just chosen.  Type any other message. 

  • When finished, click on the  button.  Your message will disappear and presto, you have sent the message to everyone you chose.

The alternate method. 
If your browser program has not been setup properly, be prepared for some wacky things to happen.  Cancel or exit any dialog boxes that open until you return to the Internet Explorer

Try the following

  • Look for , point to the address and click the right mouse button.  A pop up menu will open, choose, copy.

  • Minimize your browser out of the way. Click on this located at the upper right hand corner of your browser's window.

  • Open your email program, which ever that may be.
  • Click on the  (New Message) button.  A new mail message will open on screen.
  • Choose the  (address book) button, 
  • Double click on each recipient you want to send the page to.
  • When finished, click on the OK button.  The address book will  close and your message will re-appear, supposedly with the names you had just chosen.
  • Point to the body of the message or at the Subject line, right mouse button click and choose Paste. Type any message you want in the body of the email.
  •   When finished, click on the  button.
Congratulations, you have just sent your first URL (web site address) to someone that can use some help.