Top Ten Signs Your Co-Worker Is A Computer Hacker

10 Everyone who ticks him off gets a $26,000 phone bill.
9 He's won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes three years running.
8 When asked for his phone number, he gives it in hex.
7 Seems strangely calm whenever the office LAN goes down.

Somehow gets HBO on his PC at work. (Very possible, folks! - J.R.)

5 Mumbled, "Oh, puh-leeeez!" 295 times during the movie "The Net."
4 Massive 401k contribution made in half-cent increments.
3 His video dating profile lists "public-key encryption" among turn-ons.
2 Intead of the "Welcome" voice on AOL, you overhear, "Good Morning, Mr. President."

And the Number One sign your co-worker is a computer hacker...

1 You hear her murmur, "Let's see you use that VISA now, Professor 
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