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Do you have any idea what the problem is or might be?  

Hello Helen,

Nice meeting you.  Now to answer your question, I will pose a couple myself to help clarify what is going on. 
  1. Have you recently downloaded any of those online sharing programs, such as KaZaa or Morphus?  They often get laid into your startup unbeknownst to you.
  2. Have you set any automated update programs to run continuously until they complete their task?  Go and check your scheduled task folder and take a look at the settings.  Double click on the listed programs to get into the properties of each.  Scheduled tasks should be located on the right side of your taskbar and look like .  Double click on it to open it. 
  3. Have you tried the close program operation to verify that there are no other programs running?  The procedure is described on the following page
If all else fails, reboot the system in SAFE mode and then run ScanDisk.  The easiest way of doing this is to do the following.


Restart the system.  When it is restarting, immediately after you see a message that says  "verifying DMI ......." hit the F8 key (that's the Function 8 Key at the top of the keyboard).  A menu will open and give you 4-6 options,  Safe mode is usually #3.  
You've got to be quick, if you're too slow you will miss the opportunity and will have to reboot again.
You can also set Windows to restart in safe mode using the System Information Program, but that is a little more complicated and would require to go back to the System Information Program after the task is complete and turn everything back on.  If you want further instruction on this part, please let me know.
Hopefully, the system will do it's scan and then defrag.  Hope this is of help.  Good luck. 



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