Elli Contala Surkes

Creative Director

Hello.  Nice to meet you. I hope you are enjoying your visit to my site.

A self portrait
What can I say, I'm a computer geek with personality, I love this technology, but I hate computers (especially when they aren't doing what I want them to).  Another passion of mine is helping people when asked for assistance.  When I can help someone feel the exhilaration of successfully completing a job, my goal is achieved.  This medium has given me the fortunate opportunity to have created a life that I love.  

Born with an extremely inquisitive disposition, my credo in life has always been  "I wonder what happens if I do THIS?"   Luckily, I am a mad scientist without chemicals, otherwise, I may have blown myself up years ago.  LOL

An inventor, innovator, and artist by nature, I can't resist a challenge.  Problem solving is in my soul. "If you want to make me happy, give me a problem or ask me to design something."  However, when involved in a project, I tend to become a little consumed as I see my creations unfold.   Click here to visit my personal website and see some of my masterpieces. I must warn you everything I do is a work in progress, as is this website and my life in general.

Described as 'a free spirit' and 'very funny'. I admit, my secret desire is to be a stand up comedienne.  I am a devote optimist that truly believes "the sun will always come out tomorrow".  Regardless of how bad our current situations are, there is always someone even worse off then us and we should thank our personal higher power, daily, for the gifts we have.  

I believe, we are here to learn everyday, whether the lessons are life altering, or simply, a tidbit of knowledge that has been brought to our attention. We should learn from anyone or anything, regardless of species, age, creed or color. It is remarkable what you can learn from an ant.  We are one planet and one species (regardless of how may different shapes, sizes and shades we come in). 

Although I have decided to take a sabbatical and joined the working class.  I will keep this website going for as long as I can.  I will try to add to it whenever the need arises.  If you want to contact me, please email me at esurkes@ercomputers.com.

I hope you enjoy your visit.  

Take care, Elli

Favorite Expressions
  • Man makes plans and GOD laughs.
  • Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
  • Nothing we do can change the past,  everything we do changes the future.


Pet Peeves

  • The word "NO" - This is a stopper and I truly hate it
  • Rude, small minded and abusive people
  • Not taking responsibility of what we do.  


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