Interface programs

Many of our larger client's use specialized industry standard programming.  Although these programs handle the company's transactions efficiently, getting information to do what you need it to do is usually unattainable in these ridged environments.

We designed several programs that utilize a main frame's data.

Available to sell 

The report generated by the main frame was unusable by the sales staff.  It was bulky and  would not allow the sales people to find the request style information.  

They needed an easy report that was compact, concise, had a visual representation of the style, showed open stock and pre-pack availability. 

If styles had to be reflected in open stock, the program was designed to convert pre-pack to open stock.

Click here to see a sample of the Manager's report listing both Canadian and US pricing.

UPC catalog management Although UPC codes are created in most main frames, the client needed a way to pick and choose which codes were sent to the various online catalogs or EDI based customer.
Customer Management  This client wanted a way to keep track of post dated checks, A/R insurances and a variety of other Customer specific requirements.
End User correspondence  This company encloses marketing material that encourages consumers to contact them for brochure purposes, questions, etc.

The program answers consumer questions about where they can purchase the product.  It also gives the company great feedback about their product which they used in their marketing campaigns.

Click here to investigate this program further.


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