Microsoft Word

The parts of the MS Word Screen

Choose the corresponding number to get a description of the component's function.
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The Excel Screen
Page Layout View

The Title bar displays the name of the software package: Microsoft Word. 

It also displays the name of the current document: Documentl. (No specific name is given at this point.) You can begin typing immediately. Word will prompt you to name and save the document before you exit.

The Menu bar allows the user access to functions that are not readily available on the toolbars. 

The Standard toolbar is accessible only with the mouse. By default, the Standard toolbar is on. With the Standard toolbar, you can access certain functions more quickly. 

click here for descriptions of the toolbar buttons 

The Formatting toolbar is accessible only with the mouse. With the Formatting toolbar, you can quickly access the most commonly used text layout and formatting features. 

The Tab Set button. Each time you click on this button, it will change into the different tab choices available to you.  Click here for a more detailed description of this feature.
Left (default) Center Right Decimal

The Horizontal Ruler Bar is accessible only with the mouse. With the horizontal ruler, you can display and modify the position of margins, tabs and indents. 

The white area of the ruler bars indicates the work area. The default tab sets are indicated by pale markers position every & 1/2" on the horizontal ruler bar.  Diagram

The Insertion point can be identified as a small flashing vertical line (). It indicates the location where you enter characters, or where you make changes to a document. 

The vertical ruler bar is only visible in the page layout view. It gives you a visual reference as to the length of your work. The top/bottom margins are depicted by shaded areas. 

In the example provided, there is a 1" top margin set. Notice that the work area also indicates 1", this indicates 1" of typed text.  It does not reflect the number of lines as lines are dependent on font size.

The Screen View options offer the user a quick way of changing how they look at their documents. Each has it own unique feature. By default, Word has been set to open in the visual that was displayed at the last session. If you close Word in the Page Layout view, it will reopen in that view. 

Normal (default)

OnLine Layout 

Page Layout

Minimize/Restore/Exit buttons, located at the right side of the title bar. These are the Program level commands. 
Minimize/Restore/Exit buttons, these are the File level commands that effect open documents in your current session.
The Split Screen icon allows you to divide your working document into two screens. This option is handy when you need to work on two different areas of the same document. Click and hold you left mouse button and drag down to split the screen. To remove the split, point to the dividing line, drag up until the split disappears.
The Editing screen is the empty space in the middle of the screen. This is where you enter text to create a new document, or retrieve a document already saved on your disk, or make changes to a document.
Vertical Scroll bar, enable you to view the parts of your text with the help of the mouse. 
Page Up button.
Page Down button
Horizontal Scroll bar, in the example the horizontal is inactive as the screen can show the full width of the page.
The Status bar which appears at the bottom of the screen, displays the location of the insertion point, number of pages  and the time of day



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