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This area of the site is devoted to helping anyone with computer basics.  The site was originally created as a teaching tool and will, hopefully, be of assistance to you.  Although I've decided to move on and pursue other interests, I will leave the site operational for as long as I am able.  

If the equipment is not used properly, you will run into problems.  A great many common problems and questions are discussed on the preceding pages.  

You must be patient, not only with your computer, but with yourself and all the people that have been working on this technology.  They really have done an incredible job and have made this planet a very small place indeed.  So, the next time you are frustrated, try to remember this technology is still in it's childhood and it is far from perfect. 

Here are a few things to consider before you get started.

Computers can be confusing.  They will lead you down a garden path, then throw obstacles in your way.  As an example, let's say you want to delete a file, your computer will ask you to verify the deletion.  It may also ask you to verify the deletion a second time if the files or folders are important. However, if the file is open, you are not allowed to delete it at all.  Of course, you only find that out after you have tried to delete it.

Do not click the mouse buttons, or hit the keyboard keys haphazardly.  
If your system is busy, it will remember the actions you performed and will try to execute each click or keyboard stroke when it finishes it's task.  It doesn't care that you were just banging away out of frustration.

Think before you start clicking and banging away on the keyboard.  Talk to yourself and ask one question.

What do I want to do?

Once answered, you have some direction.   

Keep in mind, anything you want to do usually takes several steps to accomplish.  If you miss a step, or, perform an operation in the wrong order, you will not achieve your goal.  

For example, if you wanted to take this paragraph and copy it to a Word document.  You would be copying and pasting.  The operation would take at least 4-8 different actions depending on whether your word processing program was already opened before you start.

If you feel angry, or frustrated, walk away.  Take a break. find something funny to break the mood then go back and try again.  You can visit our Jokes page for some stress relief.

Finally, if you really can't figure out your problem, get in touch with us.  We have a good track record of being able to help our clients and are confident we know the answer to your personal dilemma.  

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