Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: Keyboard

John R

I have a keyboard with French accents, but I don't have a clue how to work them.  Can you help?


Question 2: Scan Disk/Defrag

Helen B

Scan Disk continues to re-start itself after it only scans 6 to 8 file folders.
After 10 tries, I get the message that there is a program running and I need to shut some Windows down. 
Nothing is running.  I closed down the screen saver and the background as well as the e-mail and internet connections, as I always have in the past.  I can't defragment as I keep getting the message that there are errors on the disk and that I need to run the Scan Disk.  So, it is a vicious circle.
Do you have any idea what the problem is or might be?
I would appreciate any help you can offer.
Thanks so much!


Question 3: File Extensions

Marian D

I have some questions about DOS file extensions. If you had duplicate filenames, but with different extensions, and the command was given to run that filename without an extension specified, would the system run the first filename it finds in the directory? 

Would the system run all files with that filename? And would those files run in the order listed in the directory, or do the extensions have a priority? 
Thank you,


Hi,  Thank you for your prompt response. I am doing research for a class project, and I still have some questions. Here's the scenario:

You are in a subdirectory called 'BLUE', which contains 4 files - BLUE.EXE, BLUE.BAT, BLUE.COM, and BLUE.BMP. If you type "BLUE", in what order would those files be checked and/or run?

I have been trying to find information on the priority order of the file extensions, with no luck anywhere. ANY information you can give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you again,



Question 4: Email

John C

I have several questions that I can not find answers to all.  I am new on msn and just moved over from aol and find things are quite different
  1. I trying to set up address book so that all I needed to do was start typing the address and it appears in the to space. It  did so on aol????
  2. How do I save mail that I have sent ???
  3. I am trying to work from a copy of Internet Explorer 5...and find it leaves a lot to guess work ..can you recommend a book or instruction that can help me.


Question 5: Deleted program


When downloading a Verizon cable box to our computer, it had permanently deleted our Microsoft Paint program.  How can we get this program back onto our computer?
In Desperate need of Paint Program


Question 6: Scroll Lock

Don M

What does Scroll Lock do?


Question 7: Too many programs in startup

Darin D

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to add or remove programs at startup.  My problem is that too many programs are opening and my system resources are running at about 50.



Question 8: Connection problems

Mike O

Outlook Express 6.0:
When I open OE it will dial out, and  check for mail etc, then disconnect 
(it is set to disconnect after checking mail). But in a few seconds it dials
again and a new connection is made and that connection does not auto
Do you know how I can stop that second dialing?



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