You know your addicted to computers, when ...

  • You comment, while watching a sunset, that the image would be greatly enhanced with 10% more magenta and a higher resolution.

  • When someone tells you about a great new program and you're very disappointed to find that it's on TV.

  • If while driving down the street, you are confused  by the numbers on the houses - they do not appear to be legitimate WWW addresses.

  • When you find it easier to dial-up the National Weather Service Weather/your_town/now.html than to simply look out the window.

  • When you start using phrases like:

  • If you call in sick because you found a great new WWW site.

  • If you can type your top 10 favorite Web sites, by heart.

  • If your fingers quit moving because you've been online for 36 hours.

  • If your net provider suggests you try a competitor, because you're exceeding 300 hours a month connect time.

  • If on the way home from work, you use your portable and cellular phone in your car, to reprogram a Tomahawk missile, in flight, and redirect it to take out the joker in the Cadillac who cut you off.

  • When your desk collapses under the weight of your computer peripherals.

  • If you try to press Alt-F4 to close your car window
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