Computer Basics

Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a marvelous program for managing email.  This program also has multiple identity capabilities.  When you first open the program, you will be greeted by the Microsoft welcome message window and be in the Outlook Express folder.


If you want the program to go directly to your Inbox, look at the bottom of the welcome message  (scroll down if necessary) and place a check mark beside

When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox

In this example, note that on the left of the screen there are two windows visible, the Folders list and the Contact List.  These windows are very convenient and are discussed later in this series.  

If you accidentally close the windows by clicking on the X, DON'T PANIC.  Just go to the View menu, and choose Layout.  When the window opens, put a check mark beside the features, Folder list and Contacts.  Close the box and, like magic, your windows are back.

Questions about Email


Standard Toolbar

Toolbar Button Keyboard

When you want to send an email click on the New message button.  A blank mail message window will open.

Should you want to set a background or create something other than a message, click on the attached drop down list button and make your choice. 

It should be noted, if you send an email, with a fancy background, to someone who uses an inferior email program, the background will be received as an attachment.

Outlook Express is designed to automatically send and receive messages upon connection, or by clicking on the send button in a new mail.  It can also be set to check every ## minutes. 

However, if you want to force a retrieval, click on this button. 

If you have more than one email address and want to selectively Send/Receive, choose the drop down button instead, then choose the account.

  Opens the default address book.
For more information about this feature, use this link

Find...  As with life, we sometimes misplace things.  In this program. when you loose an email (letter) choose this button to locate it. 

Adding/Removing Buttons

Although there are only 4 buttons visible on the toolbar, there are a multitude of others available. 

To set others, point to the toolbar area, right mouse button click and choose Properties.   

Go through the list on the left.  You can double click on an option to add it to the toolbar or choose the option and then click on the Add button. 

If you want to remove a feature, choose it from the list on the right and then click on the Remove button. 

You can also turn off the text labels on the buttons by choosing a different option from the Text Option drop down list.

If you want to reduce the physical size of the toolbar, choose a different option for the Icon Options.

When you are happy with the modifications, choose the Close button.  The dialog box will close and bingo, bango, you have just customized your Email toolbar.


Folders described




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