Telephone Sales Management

If you run a Telephone Sales operation, you know the importance of keeping you staff organized.  
When you incorporate our Call Management program, call rates will increase by at least 40-50%.

This image is only a representation of the working program.  Questions and  criteria in the Contact Master portion of the screen are modified for each Call Center.
Current Statistics 

This area of the screen is devoted to the status of all calls listed in the database.   
Double clicking on any of the figures will produce a list of the classified calls.  Within that window, double clicking on a name will produce the call record.

Calls to Make
This list shows all calls that are scheduled to be worked on.  One look at this list give the operator a complete picture of client status.  A single click on a name will bring it forward on the Contact Master form.  
The dates shown are relative to the status of the call, meaning, if the status is S, the sale when thru on the date shown.  
=proposal    S =sale   
=accepted   C =Complete
Contact Master  Buttons


Find Contact field offers a list of all calls made. The user chooses from the list and the client will be brought forward. This list includes all accounts including Dead accounts.
Paste is designed to be used with web pages from or where a record is stored in the following order: Business Name, Telephone Number, Address, City, Province. The user selects the 4 fields from the original source document then returns to this program and chooses the Paste button. The 4 selected fields are input into the form and the user is ready to continue the call process. Click here for more about this feature..
Dead will categorized the account as such and remove it from the active list. The killed client will remain in the Find Contact list in case their classification changes.
Proposal will produce the paper work (in an Excel spreadsheet required) and save a permanent record under the user’s My Documents\Proposal folder.
Sale will open a secondary screen which allows the user to input sale criteria. A permanent customer record will be stored under the user’s My Documents\Sold folder.  
Accept button will categorize the client as accepted. Any necessary paperwork would also be produced (not yet complete)
Delete will remove the entire record from the database. The user will be asked to confirm the deletion prior the action taking place.

New produces an empty Contact worksheet.

Time Line will offer the user the contact history for each level of the completed transaction.


This section keeps track of the products the client is interested in.  There is no limit as to how many products one client can purchase.  When the Sales Rep chooses a product from the list, all pertinent information is loaded.


The appointment area shows the information about the last contact with the client.   The user can either overwrite the information or choose the Add New Call button to keep a history about the contact.

Items are removed from the Calls to make list when the user creates a new date/time or when they insert a check beside the Call Made option.



The summary area offers the rep comparative pricing which can substantially enhance the call.





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