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 FAT file File Allocation Table  A method used by operating systems to keep track of where files are stored on a hard disk.
file system The overall structure in which files are named, stored, and organized by the operating system. For example, MS-DOS and earlier versions of Windows use the FAT16 file system. Windows 98 can use the FAT16 or FAT32 file system.
fire wall A fire wall is a program that is designed to stop people from coming into your computer without your knowledge and cause damage to your computer's software.
folder A location in which you can store files and other folders.  Formally referred to as a directory.
font A style of lettering. There is a multitude of letter shapes that come with programs, you can also purchase font software.
format A procedure that will completely erase a diskette or disk. 
HTML HyperText Markup Language  The language used to create Web pages. You must use Web browsing software to view HTML documents.
home page The introductory page of a Web site. The home page typically contains links to other pages in the site.
icon A picture representing a program, disk drive, file, folder, or other item.
input device A piece of equipment used to give computers information. Standard input devices are keyboards, mice, scanners and modems.
Internet A worldwide network of computers. If you have access to the Internet, you can retrieve information from millions of sources, including schools, governments, businesses, and individuals. See also World Wide Web.
Internet Service Provider 
A company or organization that provides Internet access, usually for a fee. Generally, you use your modem to connect to your ISP.
intranet A private network within an organization. An intranet can be connected to the Internet.
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