Computer Basics

Glossary of Terms

V - Z

Virus A program written by individuals which generally causes problems. Viruses must be imported into your computer, either by using an infected disk (3 floppy) or through the Internet.
wallpaper The background on your desktop. You can select a background from bitmaps and HTML documents included in Windows 98, or you can choose from your own files.
Web browsing software Software you use to explore the World Wide Web, HTML documents, and other information sources. Internet Explorer is the Web browsing software included with Windows 98.
Web page A location on the World Wide Web, usually a part of a Web site. The term "Web page" is sometimes used to describe any HTML document.
Web site A group of related Web pages.
Web style A desktop display option. In Web style, you can navigate your computer by using such Web conventions as single-clicking.
window The rectangular portion of your screen that displays an open program or the contents of a folder or disk. You can have multiple windows open at the same time.
A feature you can use to view the contents of your computer and network drives in a hierarchical or tree structure.
wizard A tool that walks you through the steps of a complex task.
Word processor A program designed to create letters, reports, books, papers, flyers, etc.
Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro are just some of the word processing programs available.
workgroup A set of networked computers that typically share the same resources, such as printers. A network can be comprised of many workgroups. See network.
World Wide Web (the Web) The graphical, multimedia portion of the Internet. The Web is comprised of millions of Web pages. To explore the Web, you use Web browsing software.
Wrap When you are typing a line of text, and there is not enough room for a word to be inserted, the program will automatically move the last word onto a new line. 
You should only hit the ENTER key when you want force a new line.

You can also wrap text around pictures in a variety of way.


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