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Active buttons/areas of the diagram.  Choose them, or the links below.

The Company's daily schedule can be set as the main screen if you are the receptionist. It can also be accessed using the shortcut CTRL M or from an individual's personal schedule.  

There are 4 colors available for easy appointment identification.  These colors are set in the staff module.

To register an exam, first choose the practitioner who is giving the appointment.  

The 'Go To' field will list the upcoming calendar, indicating the days that the practitioner is available.

Choosing a date from the 'Go To' field opens the practitioner's daily schedule.  

Time slots filled with xxxxxxx indicate times when the practitioner is unavailable; booked appointments are displayed.

When you double click on an appointment slot, the selected patient's record appears (if the slot is booked), or the 'Find Client' window opens.  

To register Exam payments, double click on the 'Payment' field.  A small input screen appears, allowing the entry of the payment particulars.

Click here to animate an appointment booking.

Print our Information Package about this program.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip are required. 
  If you do not have this program on your computer, 
please choose a link below to download your free copy.



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