Computer Basics

Glossary of Terms

S - T - U

search engine A tool that searches the Web for information you want to find. You can click the Search button in any window to display a list of Web based search engines.
server A computer that controls users' access to a network.
A server stores and controls shared resources (printers, programs, etc.) that can be used by other computers, called clients.
shortcut An icon that links to a file or folder. When you double-click a shortcut, the original item opens.
shortcut menu The menu that appears when you right click an object.
shut down The Shut Down command prepares the computer to be turned off or restarted. Unless there is no other choice, a computer should never be turned off in mid stream.
sound card Hardware that you insert in a computer to enable sound.
spreadsheet A program designed to calculate values such as budgets, cost sheets, financial analysis, etc.
Some of the more popular spreadsheet programs are Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, Quatro Pro.
subscribe To set up Internet Browser Program to check a Web page for new content. The program can then notify you about the new content or automatically download it to your computer.
taskbar A tool you use to revisit opened programs that have been removed from view and navigate your computer. Usually found at the bottom of your screen, the taskbar contains the Start button, a clock, and other features.
toolbar A set of buttons you click to perform common tasks most often located at the top your screen.  There are many different toolbars available within programs.
ToolTip A brief description of a screen object. ToolTips appear when you position the mouse pointer over objects.
 USB Universal Serial Bus
External device connections (such as a mouse, modems, game controllers, and keyboards). USB supports Plug and Play installation so that you can easily add new devices to your computer without having to add an adapter card or shut down.
URL Uniform Resource Locator See address.


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