Eyewear Management


ERSW Eyewear Management Software is user-friendly, simple to implement and fully supported by ER Computer Services. 
You will notice this difference from the moment you open the program.

Choose any of the options above to view the corresponding screen.

Your opening screen should reflect the main functionality of your position.

Job Function Recommended screen
Reception Company Agenda or Customer Screen
Optometrist  Examination Worksheet (Exam WS)
Optician Glasses Work Order (WO Glasses) or
Contacts Work Order (WO Contacts) 
whichever is more popular in your operation.
Bookkeeper Purchases or Accounts Receivable
Operations Tracking
Instantly generate new prescriptions from past history

Supplier invoices matched to customer orders.

Powerful Client recall system

Customer history readily available

1 mouse click generates Orders, Invoices

2 clicks of the mouse inputs customer payments

1 click inputs Purchase detail

Seamless integration into accounting software

Sales tax reporting

Inventory reporting

No special hardware required

Multiple locations functionality

Efficient use of information technology applied to your business will make your business more profitable. An increase in “proficient time management” decreases fixed overhead costs (labor), providing increased profits.  

This program will reduce your paper work load by over 80% 
and will SAVE hundreds of hours annually that you now waste
on repetitive and time consuming processes.

Click here to see how much our system will save you.
Excel or any other worksheet program must be installed your system.

Click here to download a FREE 30 day demo
Contact us if you would like a personal demonstration.

Print our Information Package about this program.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and WinZip are required. 
  If you do not have these program on your computer, 
please choose a link below to download your free copy.

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