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Computer Basics

Guidelines For Handling Internet Problems

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With the availability and usage of new mobile devices that can be connected to a computer, the chances of encountering a computer error have increased. Generally, such errors occur due to trivial issues and can be easily resolved.

In this article, we will look at the steps that you can use to troubleshoot common PC issues related to mobile devices, such as .ipd file extension, .m4v file extension, and .3gp file extension errors.

Step #1 – Install the right software

Mobile devices, such as Blackberry phones communicate with a computer through a piece of software. So, before connecting a mobile device to transfer data, ensure that you have the right software installed on your machine. In case you don’t have the correct software installed, then Windows will be unable to communicate with the mobile device and instead generate an error.

Step #2 – Install the software required to play a particular file

The next step requires you to check and see if you have the application(s) that is required to play a particular file type. For instance, the .m4v file type is a video file format used by mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc. If you transfer an .m4v video to your computer, then you need to have iTunes to play the file. In the absence of iTunes, you may not be able to play an .m4v video and instead receive an error when you try to open the file.

In case you download a file type from your mobile device but are not sure of the name of the program(s) through which you can open the file then you may use a reliable file extension helper program. Such programs allow you to open various file types, both known and unknown.

Step #3 – Keep your PC and mobile devices safe from malware infection

Perform a malware scan on your computer to check if your system is free from malware infection. Before you run a malware scan, perform the following steps:

  • Update your protective suite with the latest malware definitions and security updates

  • Detach any connected mobile devices

  • Disconnect your Windows PC from the Internet and any network that is part of.

After you have performed the tasks listed above, restart Windows in Safe Mode and run a thorough malware scan to sanitize your computer.

The steps discussed below guide you on how to restart Windows in Safe Mode:

  1. Restart your Windows computer.

  2. Gently tap and hold the F8 key as Window reloads.

  3. Select Safe Mode in the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu and press Enter. 

Note: If you are using a smart phone, such as a Blackberry or an iPhone, you must have a reliable and compatible antivirus installed on your phone too.

Step #4 – Clean your Windows registry

A common cause of file extension errors, such as .ipd file extension, .m4v file extension, and .3gp file extension errors is incorrect file association, which in turn, typically occurs due to errors in the Windows registry.

As you use your computer, the registry tends to get filled up with a lot of junk information (this is referred as registry bloating) and get fragmented. Besides slowing down your computer and causing frequent application crashes, a bloated and fragmented registry may also result in incorrect file associations. To fix file extension errors that are occurring due to issues in the registry, clean and defrag your registry using a top-rated professional registry software.

Perform the steps discussed in this article to resolve PC issues related to mobile devices on your own.




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