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Microsoft Windows

The Control Panel Program, continued

Game Controllers
When you purchase joysticks and such, they must be calibrated before they will function properly.

To calibrate your game controller

  • Get to the Control Panel program group.
  • Open the Game Controllers dialog box.
  • If you have more than one game controller, select the one you want to configure in the Game Controllers list.
  • Click Properties, and then click the Settings tab.
  • If your game controller has a rudder or pedals, select Rudder.
  • This ensures you will be able to use the extra control in your games.

  • Click Calibrate, and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Keyboard modify your Keyboard's performance.
The Keyboard Program
Keyboard reactions can also be modified, use this program to make those changes.

To adjust the keyboard's performance
Double click the Keyboard icon to open the keyboard dialog box

Repeat rate
To increase the repeat speed (the speed at which letters are repeated ) click on the right arrow on the scroll bar.

To decrease the speed, click on the left arrow.

Repeat delay
Click on the left arrow to lengthen the delay time or on the right to shorten the delay time
Click on OK to accept your changes.

Cursor blink rate
This feature allows you to adjust how fast the cursor blinks at you.  The cursor is the vertical flashing line that you see when your on screen location is in an area that allows you to type.  The most common places you would see a cursor would be in a word process program such as Word.

It is usually a good idea to set this rate on the faster side of the scale.  The faster the cursor blinks the faster your eye will be drawn towards it.  

Mouse modify your mouse's performance.
The Mouse Program
Use this option to change the mouse's characteristics.

Adjust the mouse's performance
Double click on the Mouse icon to display the mouse dialog box

Adjust the Tracking speed
To increase the track speed (the speed at which the mouse travels across the screen)

  • Select the Motion tab,
  • Click on the right arrow on the scroll bar
To decrease the speed, click on the left arrow

Mouse Settings

Adjust the Double clicking speed
If you are having trouble double clicking,

  • Move the indicator to the right Test by pointing to the test area. A jack in the box should pop up and down when the action is properly executed.
  • Click on OK or tap Enter to accept your changes

Printers Add, remove or modify printers and modem settings.  This program can also be accessed through the My Computer program.
Before documents can be printed, printer information must be loaded on to your system. This task is normally performed in the Printer program, although, in recent months, some printer manufacturer's have adopted installation procedures similar to program installations. This program can be accessed from either the My Computer or Control Panel programs
Double click on the Printers icon.
Click on the Add Printer button

From the Install Printers dialog box, select the desired printer and click the Install button. If your printer is not listed, the information disk should have been included with your printer. Click the install button without making a selection.

Follow the on screen instructions.

Choose the Set as Default Printer button.

Click on Close



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